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Amphibian Crossing

Posted on Mar 24, 2015

This Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your location in the Northeast, should bring temperatures well past 40 or even 50 with rainy conditions. Since it is late March it may be the first night of amphibian migration as these are ideal conditions for frogs, toads and salamanders to emerge from hibernation and start migrating to a nearby wetland at night! Please slow down for salamanders and frogs when you’re driving back roads near wetlands – even when they don’t get crushed by your tires, the slipstream generated underneath a vehicle when you’re moving more than 20-25 MPH will pick these animals up from the road surface and slam them into the underside of your car. Keep in mind that many of these amphibians are crossing a road on their way to a breeding pool. Inadvertently killing a female frog or salamander full of eggs will certainly impact your local amphibian population. Please drive carefully on froggy nights and give these guys safe passage – they will repay you come summer by reducing your local mosquito population!

Frog car road