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At a young age, Roger Tory Peterson’s keen observations in his hometown formed the inspiration for his natural history studies, art, and writing. In essence, Jamestown’s urban nature sparked Peterson’s distinguished career, demonstrating that local surroundings provide an engaging context for the study of natural history and its relationship to other disciplines such as art, math, science and language.

As Peterson put it: “…the serious study of natural history is an activity which has far-reaching effects in every aspect of a person’s life. It ultimately makes people protective of the environment in a very committed way. It is my opinion that the study of natural history should be the primary avenue for creating environmentalists.”

To ensure that our urban environment remains healthy and inspiring for future generations, RTPI staff monitors threatened wildlife that lives within the city limits, such as birds, bats, and turtles and works with community members and decision-makers to safeguard the health of the city’s living environment.

Please see the following pages for more information on our various conservation programs: