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Art and the Animal Opening

Posted on Sep 10, 2015

Here are a bunch of photos taken during the opening events for the Society of Animal Artist’s 55th Annual Exhibition, Art and the Animal, at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History in Jamestown, New York.

SoAA AatA opening prep-0214

SoAA AatA opening flowers-0209

A beautiful arrangement on a gorgeous evening! In the background are Linda Pierce, RTPI Development Associate, who did a fantastic job arranging so much of this superb event, and Claire Johnson, who assisted in the preparing exhibition and the evening

SoAA AatA opening table-0205

Thanks CHQ Local Food! Looking great! http://www.chqlocalfood.com/

SoAA AatA opening table-0194

SoAA AatA opening Lee judge-0129

Lee Peterson, son of Roger Tory Peterson and Vice-chair of the RTPI Board of Trustees, continuing his work as a judge for the exhibition

SoAA AatA opening Twan Bill-0066

RTPI President Twan Leenders speaking with William R. Hackney III, Chair of the RTPI Board of Trustees

SoAA AatA opening Lee Tory Twan-0245

Roger’s sons, Lee and Tory Peterson, speaking with Twan before guests arrive

SoAA AatA opening Dick-0241

RTPI Board Member, and previous Chair, Dick Redington with his wife Caran

SoAA AatA opening sign-0341

Be sure to stop by our nature store to pick up some “Art and the Animal” items and much more

SoAA AatA opening hallway-0340

SoAA AatA opening library-0339

RTPI SoAA opening Tiffany Miller Russell Calvin Nicholls-0328

Tiffany Miller Russell and Calvin Nicholls, two paper sculpture artists with work on display now at RTPI, posing by Tiffany’s beautiful piece

SoAA AatA opening Andy Goodell-0322

New York State Assemblyman Andy Goodell, Assembly District 150, greeting guests

SoAA AatA opening gallery-0317

SoAA AatA opening Peter Batemans-0349

RTPI Research Associate Peter Beeson with Birgit Freybe Bateman and the legendary naturalist and renowned artist Robert Bateman

SoAA AatA opening-0311

SoAA AatA opening gallery-0307

SoAA AatA opening cooking-0306

Chef Darrin Pocza speaking with an engrossed audience

SoAA AatA opening foraging-0302

Wild edible expert Harold Reynolds

SoAA AatA opening-0290

Chef Garrett Taylor, a mushroom hunter and lover, in action

SoAA AatA opening-0277

Southern Tier Brewing Company was on hand with the drinks

SoAA AatA opening Amy-0263

On the left is Amy Hudson, RTPI Visitor & Administrative Services Assistant, greeting and checking in guests after a busy day of preparation while, Becky Butryn, RTPI Administrative Assistant/Accounting, was handling the store and door

SoAA AatA opening stairs-0223

SoAA AatA opening Jonathan Melanie-0073

RTPI Board Member Jonathan Weston of Panama Rocks (http://www.panamarocks.com/) and RTPI Communications Coordinator Melanie Smith

SoAA AatA opening library-0071

SoAA AatA opening Pat Bob Sundell-0070

Our wonderful friends and donors Pat and Bob Sundell, a man who knows seemingly every bird that was ever in Chautauqua County, viewing the galleries

SoAA AatA opening-0276

Our deep and heartfelt thanks go out to all of our fantastic guests for making the Art and the Animal opening so enjoyable and truly memorable. Thanks again to RTPI Communications & Public Programs Coordinator Jane Johnson for leading the charge on getting Art and the Animal set for the world to enjoy. If you did not make it to RTPI yet please come see this exciting exhibition on display now through October 25, 2015. We will see you soon!

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator