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Artist Dale Weiler to Produce Bronze Owl Sculptures for RTPI

Posted on Feb 9, 2017

We are very excited to announce the release of a new bronze sculpture created by Dale Weiler to support wildlife conservation programs underway at The Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History (RTPI) in Jamestown, NY. Roger Tory Peterson (1908-1996) was one of the nation’s pre-eminent bird-artists and among our most influential naturalists. He is perhaps best known for the Peterson Field Guide Series on birds and other flora and fauna. RTPI carries on his legacy by connecting people to nature through art, education and conservation.

The bronze, “Elevated Perspective”, is a 9-inch rendering of a snowy owl, one of Peterson’s favorite species to paint and the icon for RTPI. It is also the first bronze Dale has created in the last ten years. Dale and his wife, Loti, are donating 100% of the profits to RTPI’s ‘Project Wild America’ initiative – a program which promotes experiencing nature in your own backyard.

The Project Wild America program encourages young people to get involved in conservation work with threatened wildlife, especially in urban environments. The program reinforces the notion that nature is all around us in plain sight. We just have to know where and how to look; skills well-honed by artists and naturalists alike.

The original for the bronze (pictured above) was sculpted from snowy alabaster, and captures not only the subtle feathering but the sensual beauty of this majestic bird. Dale spent over a month creating the stone original. The bronze casting will be limited to an edition size of 50 and will be even more dramatic than the stone original with the feathering details accentuated by the patina process.

Until March 15, 2017, we are offering a “pre-casting” discount price for this bronze of $1,200. The full retail price will be $1,500 after that date. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and support the wonderful conservation programs of RTPI. For more information, please visit our website at www.weilerwoodsforwildlife.com, RTPI’s website, www.rtpi.org, or email us at loti@weilerwoods.com.