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Camera Blunders

Posted on Apr 29, 2016

During this time of the year, when bird migrations are happening, salamander eggs are growing and plants are budding, it doesn’t take long to kill a camera battery from lots of activity. And once that battery is dead, it doesn’t do any good when you are headed into the field once again! I discovered on Monday morning as RTPI Alex Shipherd and I were headed up to the Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport, that my camera battery was done for. Alex’s camera was ready to go, and I at least had my phone and we took our field scope with as well. As you can see, we found Eastern Meadowlarks in our surveys, and I was determined one way or another to get a picture. So, I lined up my phone’s camera and got a pretty decent shot through the scope of our singing friend. Not too shabby for a phone pic right? As bird migrations ramp up here in the northeast, I’ll be sure to be more prepared to capture pictures of our feathered friends to share, and hope you can get out as well and enjoy the spring activity!


Elyse Henshaw
Conservation Technician