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Can You Spot the Snowy?

Posted on Feb 11, 2015

Can you spot the Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) in this photo? The owl is relatively noticeable sitting along the edge of the field; however, they aren’t always very easy to see. This individual in particular is very white, blending in with the mounds of drifted snow nearby. It often takes a hard look to see these perfectly camouflaged predators sitting in a field or along a beach. Makes you wonder how many more Snowy Owls are in the area that just haven’t been noticed yet? If you decide to bundle up and search for some visiting species, remember to log your sightings in eBird and let us know what you are seeing out in our currently tundra-like area. Happy searching!

Snowy Owl in a snowy scene

Elyse Henshaw
Conservation Technician