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Changing Building

Posted on Nov 4, 2015

This summer our building underwent a lot of changes in order to accommodate the fabulous Art and the Animal exhibit. New panels for the library, fixed up pedestals, lots of spackle and a coating of fresh paint on all the walls made the building look fresh and ready for all the beautiful paintings and sculptures. Since the close of the exhibit, the pieces selected for the tour have since been shipped to the next venue and the building is being prepared once again for a new exhibit. Michael DiGiorgio’s wonderful works will soon adorn our walls as well as some very special Peterson pieces. We hope to see you here on Friday night for the opening of this new exhibit! RTPI will be closed until From Field to Frame opens at 7:00pm on November 6.

Library SAA

Here is a pic from the opening night of Art and the Animal! As you can see our library was packed full with paintings, sculptures and people.

Empty Library

Since Art and the Animal’s departure, the library has been emptied out and new pieces are going on the wall. Looks quite different doesn’t it?!

Elyse Henshaw
Conservation Technician