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College Lodge survey

Posted on Feb 21, 2014

Here’s RTPI Conservation Technician Elyse Henshaw checking for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid on an Eastern Hemlock tree (Tsuga canadensis) yesterday at the College Lodge. Our staff is currently conducting a year-long plant and wildlife assessment of the approximately 200-acre property owned and operated by the Faculty Student Association of SUNY Fredonia. Working with SUNY staff and experienced local naturalists RTPI staff is surveying all forms of life in order to create a conservation and management plan recommending best practices for the site. In July 2014 there will be a BioBlitz of the College Lodge, a 24-hour race to record every living thing on the property with experts from across the region taking part. Click here to visit the College Lodge page in our Natural History Atlas and click here to see more of RTPI’s active projects.

Elyse Hemlock tree