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Don’t feed the deer

Posted on Nov 30, 2014

As tempting as it may be it is NOT healthy for the wild White-tailed Deer, or you, if they are fed by humans. I can recall some winter days as a child where hungry deer were laying in our backyard for prolonged periods. The winter season can be very difficult on these friendly mammals but it is not in their best interest, health or safety to start eating anything we put out whether it is for caring about an individual, an attempt to protect other plants, to supplement the population, or any other reason. The Maine governmental website has an extremely extensive and detailed list of why we should never feed deer that include how it increases the risk of their predation, keeps them from moving to better areas, increases the risk of disease transmission and threat to humans, harms habitats and the overall ecosystem, and could even hasten starvation and death! Songbirds are much different than mammals and in nearly every case we should only be feeding a few of our feathered friends.

White-tailed Deer buck face close eyes-0131

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator