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Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle (Apalone spinifera)

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

The past few sunny days have been enjoyable for humans and turtles alike! This adult female Spiny Softshell Turtle (Apalone spinifera) was in the process of hauling herself out of the water to soak up some rays when RTPI staff and JCC interns spotted her and a few others doing the same along the Chadakoin River. Observational work will continue until the turtles go into hibernation later this fall, and we encourage all of you that may be out seeing or observing them to let us know what you are finding. We love to hear where else they are being found and this information is helpful in learning more about this mysterious turtle species! Please email any sightings to turtles@rtpi.org.

Spiny Softshell adult female