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Emerald Ash Borer Monitoring

Posted on Jul 11, 2016

New York Invasive Species Awareness Week – NYISAW

Emerald Ash Borer Monitoring
Tuesday July 12th, 2016 – All day around the City of Jamestown

Since the arrival of Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) to the United States, many agencies and organizations have been working to detect the presence and combat the infestations of this invasive insect. Within New York State, one method deployed by the Department of Environmental Conservation is the erection of purple prism traps in ash trees. These traps, easily recognized by their purple color and attractive due to their stressed ash tree lure, have been used in the early detection of EAB and have provided an opportunity to raise awareness of this killer bug. On Tuesday July 12th, RTPI’s Project Wild America Youth Ambassadors will be traveling throughout the city of Jamestown flagging ash trees along the streets with purple flagging tape in effort to raise awareness of EAB within the community. The flagging will remain on the trees throughout the week and the Youth Ambassadors will provide additional information about EAB through articles, blog posts and other forms of media. Unfortunately all the city’s ash trees are susceptible to Emerald Ash Borer, but if it is detected early the trees can be treated rather than having to be cut down and removed. Check out www.projectwildamerica.org and www.rtpi.org for more!

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