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Explicit Arches

Posted on Sep 6, 2015

While I have not posted too many moths lately, I have kept on mothing, as a young Roger Tory Peterson did, throughout the summer. It is time consuming to go through the photos that I take of what I find at my lights, especially when trying to identify eight or ten or more new species. Every couple of weeks there are different species occurring as flight seasons shift through the year. Some of that identification is going to have to wait for the winter. Nevertheless, I discovered this outrageously cool individual last night that I had to share now. Naturally it was on a shutter on the side of the house far out of reach of easy shooting, so these photos were with me standing on a step stool leaning over a railing…

Explicit Arches Moth Lacinipolia explicata September 5 2015-0564

Explicit Arches Moth Lacinipolia explicata September 5 2015-0558

Explicit Arches Moth Lacinipolia explicata September 5 2015-0547

It appears to be the Explicit Arches (Lacinipolia explicata) moth. The incredible pattern has sensationally gorgeous yet subtle colors. If you look at it from behind it almost looks like there is a face looking back at you…or multiple. It is almost like looking at the cloud formations in the sky and using your imagination to create shapes and objects. What do you see? I see yet another amazing creature that I never knew existed, and I appreciate nature all the more every day.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator