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Fall hawk walk at Trout Brook Valley

Posted on Sep 21, 2014

On Saturday morning, September 20, I joined the Aspetuck Land Trust on a fall hawk walk with over 40 of their members and volunteers at the gorgeous Trout Brook Valley Preserve in Easton and Weston, Connecticut. This major 1,000+ acre conservation area permits passive recreation in the form of hiking, birding, biking, on-leash dog walking, photography and so forth. It is part of one of the largest contiguous areas of forest left in Fairfield County and is home to rare and important amphibians, plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, pollinators and more.

Twan and I spent over a year creating a Conservation & Management Plan for the site during our time at Connecticut Audubon Society. We have remained good friends with the Aspetuck Land Trust’s staff and board (who do a tremendous job in all regards!), participating in events like this whenever we can. The focus was on hawks during this busy migratory period and after an introduction then a few words on the property from me we started our day. The only problem was that the gorgeous conditions did not help with a wind out of the south making raptors a bit more scarce than usual and keeping them from being netted by licensed and expert bander Larry Fischer. Nevertheless with a few fantastic ALT volunteers and board members on hand and Larry’s expertise to guide the visitors in watching many other birds on the wing we had a lovely morning.

Here are a bunch of photos I snapped during our hike.

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0131 RTPI

Trout Brook Valley

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0134 RTPI

Gorgeous weather again!

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0137 RTPI

The hill we will climb filled with birds

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0144 RTPI

Trails through the blueberry orchard lined with nest boxes

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0157 RTPI

ALT’s Jacquie Littlejohn (right) addressing the growing crowd

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0172 RTPI

Folks lining up for Larry

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0177 RTPI

Avian expert Larry Fischer pointing out a bird

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0182 RTPI

Larry discussing raptor banding

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0196 RTPI

The hike begins

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0201 RTPI

Spotting American Kestrels chasing a Merlin

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0228 RTPI

Walking through the orchard

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0237 RTPI

Such a beautiful space

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0253 RTPI

Larry discussing all sorts of bird and conservation issues

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0258 RTPI

Gray skies moved in from the strong southerly flow

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0274 RTPI

But the sun remained vigilant

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0279 RTPI

There is always something to look at!

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0285 RTPI

Think of how many species use this pollinator habitat in the heart of the summer

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0291 RTPI

Larry’s knowledge and vast experience is unbelievable

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0292 RTPI

It’s always a pleasure to have such an engaging group

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0307 RTPI

Look how far you can see this from “mountain” in Fairfield County!

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0333 RTPI

Bringing kids out to events like this = the best

Trout Brook Valley 092014 0335 RTPI

Thank you for another fantastic morning, Trout Brook Valley

I had a wonderful time answering many extremely thoughtful questions about everything from Ospreys to Hellbenders, RTPI projects and Connecticut sites, climate change and weather plus a lot about our birds. I was most gratified to see the extensive age range present including several children. This time of year may be the best to get everyone excited about being outdoors and learning about their natural neighbors. You cannot beat this combination of weather, scenery and wildlife.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator