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Field Sparrow

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

The Field Sparrow (Spizella pusilla) is an underrated little bird! Look at that bold eye ring and those beautiful brown tones with a pretty pink bill. Whenever I see those Fields in numbers in October it always suggests we are nearing the end of autumn avian migration. If we are lucky we may be able to spot one or two overwintering in the region, perhaps on a Christmas Bird Count, but most will be seeking less snowy quarters so they can enjoy easy to reach seeds all winter long. Nevertheless, if there aren’t any fields, grasslands, farms or other open areas – or if these habitats are cut frequently – then there will be no room for the species to nest and no opportunity to feast on those seeds when they are needed most. Let those fields grow and save time, money and effort by cutting them late in the fall or even in the late winter. Many birds will appreciate it!


Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator