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Fluid Dynamics Reincarnated

Posted on May 9, 2017

An elegant sculpture entitled “Well-Feathered Arrow” by Dale Weiler is currently on view in our new exhibition, “The Weilers Evolution; A Father and Son’s Artistic Journey”. But this lovely piece is actually a reincarnation of the original piece entitled “Fluid Dynamics” that was intended to be debuted here as part of the Society of Animal Artists Show in 2015!

“Fluid Dynamics” – the original incarnation of Dale Weiler’s sculpture that took on a new life.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the original sculpture was damaged during shipment. Upon its return, the artist found that it could not only be repaired but also improved! In the words of the artist, “The new sculpture has an even lighter and more dynamic feel than its predecessor.”

“Well-Feathered Arrow” by Dale Weiler

Please visit RTPI soon to see the evolved version of this sculpture, as well as the many other outstanding pieces created by Dale and his father M.C. Weiler!