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Frog Friday

Posted on Feb 10, 2017

Last Wednesday was an unusually warm day in the northeast. Temperatures reached 60 degrees in some places, and several of our friends in Connecticut reported hearing Spring Peeper calls emanating from the woods. Of course, a mere 24 hours later the area was buried by more than a foot of snow, reminding us that winter is still in full swing. You might think that frogs are not quite as adept at predicting winter weather as, say, groundhogs, but that is not really true. Our days are getting noticeably longer and the increased day length is making animals respond in kind – insects now appear seemingly out of nowhere on random above-freezing days, and frogs and birds start singing as soon as there is a break in the weather. It may sometimes seem like winter never ends, but nature is telling us otherwise – by now, life is primed and ready to spring into action once the conditions change. I know I am! ~ Twan Leenders