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Gadwall Sunset

Posted on Jul 17, 2016

I photographed this spectacular sunset last week at Stratford Point while attempting to give it a number of different looks by changing lenses and positioning. A friendly Gadwall felt a little less friendly once it saw me approaching the water, but you can still see the duck behind the spartina in the first photo.

Stratford Point sunset July 11 2016-7844

That spartina is slowly regenerating and growing in to the intertidal zone, helping to protect and preserve the low energy side of the site from tidal and wave action. There are still plenty of pools for long-legged waders to feed in on small fish like sand lance, and there are also a lot of shorebird roosting and foraging areas for inbound migrants arriving…now!

Stratford Point sunset July 11 2016-7893

Stratford Point sunset July 11 2016-7883

Even people who do not know the birds very well, or have an awareness of the fact this is a regionally and indeed globally important site, can at least appreciate the scenic beauty. When you see RTPI’s motto, “Learn it, love it, protect it!” you sometimes have to change the order of words to, “Love it, learn it, protect it!” depending on the situation. How could you not love this?

Stratford Point sunset July 11 2016-7897

The meaningful result of caring about and for our environment is the focus of so much of our work, no matter how the process or the phrase may go. To each their own to the betterment of our planet!

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator