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Growing Season

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

Have you ever wondered why the Lake Erie plain is loaded with grapes? Being that Lake Erie is shallow and lower in volume compared to the other Great Lakes, it frequently reaches freezing temperatures and glazes over with ice each winter. As the spring thaw progresses and temperatures rise, the gradually warming lake acts as a refrigerator on the adjacent plain. Cool air rushing off the lake surface keeps grape buds from opening before the danger of killing frost has passed. As fall approaches, the lake is at a balmy 73 degrees, on average from sunny summer days, and keeps the plain warm while the rest of the nearby plateau experiences its first frosts. This extends the grape growing season for a few more crucial weeks, enabling the flavorful juice and wine grapes to fully ripen. It looks like these deep purple grapes are ripe and ready for the picking!

Concord Grapes