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Harlequin Duck

Posted on Oct 7, 2015

Come on, this is getting ridiculous – Harley, our drake Harlequin Duck at Stratford Point, looks absolutely stupendous with his nearly completed beautiful blue plumage. The blue water really brings out his tones even more. Please stay with us for the winter, Harley! We think he will be off to find a hen, or at least some other members of his own species, once his molt is complete, but we have our fingers crossed that he has enjoyed his time with us and may consider sticking around.

Harlequin Duck SFP-1898

Harlequin Duck SFP-1868

Harlequin Duck SFP-1851

Harlequin Duck SFP-1975

In all seriousness a bird like this is an inspirational one in that it brings in all sorts of non-birders to our ranks. Who wouldn’t look at this duck and be blown away by his sensational pattern? We like to use species like the Snowy Owl as a way to get people excited about avian visitors, but there are many others that can captivate the average person and make them care about wildlife and our environment.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator