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Hawk Walk

Posted on Oct 16, 2015

Last Saturday the Aspetuck Land Trust held its second fall “hawk walk” of the season at the Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area in Easton/Weston, Connecticut. I tagged along to help find some birds and talk about the wonderful land, wearing my hat for both RTPI and as a member of the Aspetuck Land Trust Land Management Committee. I also happen to love the property and, along with RTPI President Twan Leenders, helped initiate and create a conservation and management plan for the site several years ago. In the below photos you can see federally licensed bander Larry Fischer, a raptor expert who has so many terrific tales and fabulous facts about our hawks, falcons, eagles and more.

Larry Hawks TBV-2412

Larry netted two raptors

Larry Merlin TBV-2443

Here’s the first, a majestic Merlin

Larry group TBV-2468

She was nervous and Larry made sure to let her continue her journey quickly

Larry Cooper's Hawk TBV-2479

The second bird was a Cooper’s Hawk

Larry Cooper's Hawk TBV-2486

This bird was energized and healthy as well

Larry group TBV-2501

An adoring audience

This major 1,000+ acre conservation area permits passive recreation in the form of hiking, birding, biking, on-leash dog walking, photography and so forth. It is part of one of the largest contiguous areas of forest left in Fairfield County and is home to rare and important amphibians, plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, pollinators and more. Please stop by if you are ever traveling through Connecticut! We will continue our work to preserve and protect the property and all of the creatures that call it home.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator