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Leaf-litter Toads (Rhinella alata)

Posted on Jan 31, 2015

These Leaf-litter Toads (Rhinella alata) were along a stream bank yesterday in Chagres National Park in Panama. It was great to see this species that can sometimes blend in well with the leaf litter. They also remind me of another toad Twan and I will be checking in on this week – the Atelopus limosus, as it will be the fourth year we will be doing work with a population deep in the Cocobolo Nature Reserve in Panama.

Leaf-litter Toad (Rhinella alata)

Leaf-litter Toad 2 (Rhinella alata)

Leaf-litter Toad 3 (Rhinella alata)

Sean Graesser
RTPI Affiliate