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Lighthouse Lightning

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

We really are saying goodbye to the summertime now and hello again to some more dry conditions (unfortunately) in the Northeast. Stratford Point had a good run of thunderstorms for a week or so in mid-August, but even these photos show a storm that is over Long Island Sound and ended up providing a very light shower for literally a minute or two. Nevertheless, the pink explosions against the blue clouds all lit by the setting sun provided a pretty scene.

Stratford Point lighthouse thunderstorm August 14 2016-1995

Stratford Point lighthouse thunderstorm August 14 2016-2013

I was also able to capture one of the few cloud to ground lightning strikes on the Sound to the east of the Stratford Point Light.

Stratford Point lighthouse thunderstorm August 14 2016-2036

Parts of Chautauqua County had a tremendous amount of rain for a stretch, and some spots in the Northeast are in much better drought condition now than they were. However, others – including cities like Buffalo and Boston – are still very much in need of a great deal of water. Basically all areas are still at a deficit. Sometimes I wonder why there are those among us who find these lightning scenes so beautiful and not horribly frightening. I believe one aspect might be that we are hard-wired to rejoice in the refreshing rain that is the very reason we exist. Water is life! More, please.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator