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Limosa Harlequin Frog (Atelopus limosa)

Posted on Mar 3, 2016

This is what it is all about – being able to see healthy Limosa Harlequin Frogs (Atelopus limosus) in their natural environment and trying to unlock the secrets of this population through our research in Cocobolo Nature Reserve, Panama.

Limosa Harlequin Frog (Atelopus limosa)

Limosa Harlequin Frog (Atelopus limosa) in its natural habitat in CREA’s Cocobolo Nature Reserve, Panama.

non-invasive skin swabs

Taking non-invasive skin swabs of an endangered Limosa Harlequin Frog (Atelopus limosa) in CREA’s Cocobolo Nature Reserve, Panama, to assess its response to a deadly chytrid fungal pathogen.

Hopefully we can we help to expand the size of this population through careful habitat management and apply the lessons learned elsewhere to allow other populations of this, and some of the many other endangered amphibians in the world to return where they belong: in a healthy environment.

Twan Leenders
RTPI President