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Lyme Disease bullseye rash

Posted on Aug 1, 2014

Recognize this? If you ever have a “bug bite” that feels warm to the touch and seems for all the world to be like a mosquito bit you…except that it doesn’t itch or feel painful…you should watch it very carefully and be ready to head to the doctor. This is the beginning of the classic Lyme Disease bullseye rash from the bite of a Deer/Eastern Black-legged Tick. The rash will continue to expand and in my case it ended up spanning my entire thigh. You’re lucky if you have a rash as many people do not get one. Twan and I have both had Lyme Disease when living in Connecticut and are fine having been treated promptly. This should not stop you from going outdoors to enjoy nature but you should always be cautious and vigilant and we should keep in mind that negative changes to our ecosystems – more invasive plants, fewer predators, additional edge habitat, and so on – are creating more favorable conditions for these ticks and diseases to spread. See more here: http://rtpi.org/fight-a-bite/

Lyme disease bullseye rash