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Marbled Godwits by Neil Rizos – A Sculpture with Prestige

Posted on Dec 20, 2017

This gorgeous sculpture  – entitled “Marbled Godwits” by Neil Rizos –  is the recent winner of both The Allied Artists of America Marilyn Newmark Award and the American Plains Artists Sculpture Award.

Marbled Godwits Bronze Sculpture; L18″ x H13″ x D13″, Edition of 30, $5,450.00.

Of his creation, Rizos wrote: “Marbled Godwits are large cinnamon-colored shorebirds that nest on the northern Great Plains in summer.  When they leave the prairies, they migrate to coastal regions from Virginia to Texas and from Oregon to Mexico. They feed in shallow water along the shoreline or on tidal mudflats, probing deeply with their long up-curved bills. This sculpture is life-size and is based on my observations of Marbled Godwits in the field and studying museum collections. Most of the time, Godwits are moving rapidly, searching for food.  This constant movement and the beautiful, ever-changing shapes of their form, is an exciting part of experiencing these birds in the wild.  The movement of the sculpture is based on the circle and the contrasting lines of the legs and bill. I think the sculpture is successful because it respects anatomical accuracy while serving the larger purposes of art.  It is mounted on a Walnut base turntable so it may be enjoyed from all perspectives.”

Rizos created the bronze sculpture in an edition of 30; one of  one of these was recently awarded to Laura Bush by National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in recognition of her support for conservation, and another is on view as part of RTPI’s current exhibition, “Neil Rizos: The Art of Exploration”;

All of the pieces in Rizos show are available for purchase, and would make wonderful gifts for art or nature enthusiasts. Preview Neil’s work and view prices at http://www.rizosart.com/peterson-institute.html, and be sure to visit the Roger Tory Peterson Institute to experience this outstanding exhibit before it closes on January 7th!