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More recyclable plastic

Posted on Sep 17, 2014

I can still remember when we first got the “blue bin” to toss recyclable materials in every other week when I was a child in Connecticut. It could only take plastics labeled #1 or #2 plus cans and bottles, then newspapers, then all sorts of paper, and so on. Now you can even recycle these plastic newspaper bags by bringing them to stores! It is a long road but we are finally getting to a point where nearly everything we use can be used again for another purpose or entirely recycled. At least if we have to use plastic we can make sure it is not going directly to waste. I know each community/county in America can have very different recycling programs but let’s hope we have more expansion and standardization so we can put as much as possible at our curbs (which makes people recycle a lot more than if they have to haul it somewhere) to be reused close to home.

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