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New Arrivals

Posted on May 3, 2017

On this Wild America Wednesday, we want to take a moment to announce RTPI’s new arrivals! Please join us as we welcome Oneka and Tweeg,  two seven year old hellbenders that will be moving from the Buffalo Zoo to our facility in Jamestown tomorrow! Originally a part of the NYS hellbender headstart program, these salamanders were kept to be used for educational purposes. Oneka and Tweeg will serve as ambassadors for their species, helping us to raise awareness of their conservation status, the need to learn more about them, and what can be done to help the wild American population!

Eastern Hellbender – photo by Twan Leenders

Our new hellbender friends will arrive just in time for this year’s official Salamander Saturday on May 6th. If you are in the Jamestown area, please stop in to RTPI to meet Oneka and Tweeg and learn more about our local salamander species!