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Noble Proctor

Posted on May 29, 2015

Noble Proctor was one of Roger Tory Peterson’s dearest friends and protégées. Even Peterson considered Noble one of the greatest naturalists alive – quite a compliment coming from the master himself! Noble was not only the consummate student of the natural world, he was also its most passionate advocate. Noble was everyone’s teacher – always willing to share his vast knowledge with a smile and a personal touch, he inspired hundreds of his students to be the best they could ever be.

BirdFest2013 IMG_0289-FrankGallo

Noble Proctor, Twan Leenders, Frank Gallo

Twan Noble-1120097-2

Noble Proctor looking on with Twan Leenders holding a Ring-necked Snake during an RTPI Bird Fest outing in 2013

During his long and distinguished career he has lit a spark in many students who have become tremendously influential naturalists and educators in their own right. Noble passed away last night and he leaves a big hole. But he also leaves an tremendous legacy of friends and family who will use that spark of positive energy they all inherited from him and use it to connect more people with the natural world. Noble was a true teacher, a true inspiration and above all a true friend…he will be deeply missed!

Twan Leenders