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Northern Gannet (Morus bassanus) record shot between gulls

Posted on Dec 25, 2014

Normally I crop the photos that I take and show to everyone here on RTPI’s website and social media, but in this case I liked the framing of the raw photograph. Can you see that dot in the middle? Even if this record shot were cropped you would not be able to see much more of the Northern Gannet (Morus bassanus) flying out over Long Island Sound from last weekend’s Christmas Bird Count in Stratford, Connecticut. These Ring-billed Gulls happened to be in flight all around me as the rare but increasingly recorded bird passed by offshore. It was one of two Gannets we saw while seawatching that afternoon, the other being at the limit of our sight on the horizon just above the water. Regardless of the distance displayed here you can see this bird’s bold white body, a pointed and sleek design, strikingly sharp black wing tips with a bit of yellow towards the head and blue-gray bill.

Northern Gannet (Morus bassanus) record shot between gulls Christmas Bird Count Stratford 2014-0224

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator