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Pieces Comprising Alberto Rey’s “Extinct Birds Project” Exhibition and Publication are Available for Purchase at RTPI

Posted on Dec 12, 2018

Alberto Rey’s Extinct Birds Project is comprised of a somber, beautiful exhibition showcasing his original paintings depicting the study skins of 18 now extinct bird species, and a companion publication which examines the collecting practices, causes for extinction, and politics of categorizing endangered birds.

In addition to the poignant oil paintings which comprise the Extinct Birds Project exhibition, Alberto Rey created a series of watercolor illustrations for the companion publication by the same name. Many of the pieces created for the Extinct Birds Project are currently on display and available for purchase at RTPI. A small selection of these pieces are shown here.

World Map by Alberto Rey (Beginning of Book, page IV)
Watercolor on Paper, 14.25″ x 10″, $400


Bachman’s Warbler (inspired by Specimen in RTPI Collection)
Oils on Wooden Panel, 23.75″ x 7″, $6000


Ohia Lehua Plant (Kaua’i ‘o’o chapter, page 72 )
Watercolor on Paper, 7.5″ x 7″, $150


Atitlan Grebe
Oils on Wooden Panel, 46.25″ x 13″, $8000


Collection Site of Atitlan Grebe Specimen on Atitlan Lake in Guatemala
(Atitlan Grebe chapter, page 56)
Watercolor on Paper, 15″ x 10.25″, $350

Visit RTPI soon to experience the Extinct Birds Project exhibition, to pick up your own copy of the companion publication, and to browse the selection of striking pieces which are still available for acquisition. Please visit www.extinctbirdsproject.com for more information about Alberto Rey’s ambitious endeavor, and contact Jane Johnson at 716-665-2473 ext 228 with questions pertaining to art sales.