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Pink Lady’s Slipper

Pink Lady's Slipper Sean

Pink Lady Slipper Orchids (Cypripedium acaule) are among our favorite neighbors. You can see them flowering in good numbers from mid-May through mid-June, depending on weather conditions, in mature mixed forest habitats throughout our region.

Pink Lady Slipper Orchids (Cypripedium acaule)  (1) Pink Lady Slipper Orchids (Cypripedium acaule)  (2)

As tempting as it may be to some, these beautiful plants make terrible transplants and will not survive a trip to your backyard. Please enjoy them responsibly and leave them where they belong.

C. acaule (close-up)

They look better in their natural habitat anyway and it will give you yet another reason to visit your favorite nature preserve or park! Visit the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History soon to enjoy more beautiful wildflowers and unique plants blooming all over our property. Visit RTPI’s Digital Natural History Atlas Project page to explore our region’s fascinating natural areas.