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Pleasure Beach Teaching

Posted on Aug 7, 2016

Pleasure Beach teaching continues as the Bridgeport WildLife Guards are really reaching the people heading to the shore these hot summer days during the height of vacation season. A varied audience of fishermen, beachgoers and sunbathers, families and children, and naturalists are all interacting with our crew by taking brochures about birds like the American Oystercatcher or Piping Plover, signing the Be A Good Egg pledge to help protect waterbirds on our beaches, or enjoying some of the hands-on activities the Guards have to offer. Let’s take a look…

WildLife Guards PB-8964

Alfred and Ami giving our information via brochure and conversation

WildLife Guards PB-8981

Another Be A Good Egg pledge!

WildLife Guards PB-8988

Everyone loves capturing their own memories

WildLife Guards PB-9004

…and taking a closer look

WildLife Guards PB-9008

Especially hands on

WildLife Guards PB-9021

The crabs are better left untouched

WildLife Guards PB-9026

Crew Leader Kari working the tank

WildLife Guards PB-9027

Sara looking on behind our shrinking brochure piles (yay!)

WildLife Guards PB-9029

So many tiny friends

WildLife Guards PB-9069

Sara saying hi

WildLife Guards PB-9124

The bird beak activity

WildLife Guards PB-9037

No caption needed for Ami

WildLife Guards PB-9042

The touch tank is a child magnet

WildLife Guards PB-9046

Pleasure Beach can be a busy place

WildLife Guards PB-9131

Talking Piping Plovers

WildLife Guards PB-9153

Jamiya getting a closer look

WildLife Guards PB-9082

Amanda outreaching

WildLife Guards PB-9091

Alfred teaching a crowd

WildLife Guards PB-9159

Rebuilding the ecosystem (Jenga)

Amazingly there are only a couple weeks left for the WildLife Guards 2016 season! Visit them as soon as you can.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator