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Project Wild America

2015 marked the 60th Anniversary of Roger Tory Peterson’s book Wild America in which he and his close friend British naturalist James Fisher showed us that nature is everywhere – if you know when, where and how to look and listen. Last year also saw the start of RTPI’s Project Wild America intent on continuing that work. Various programs are currently under way in 2017 as part of Project Wild America, connecting people with nature in their own backyard.


Self-guided cell-phone based natural history tours are accessible freely to anyone who would like to learn more about local nature in large parts of Chautauqua County. High school and college students are involved in hands-on education and conservation initiatives through Project Wild America’s Youth Ambassador Program and our ongoing place-based research and education efforts now reach five states and three countries. Please help RTPI and Project Wild America to spread the desire for people to learn, love and protect nature in their backyards.