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Red Fox Entering Snowy Den

Posted on Mar 5, 2015

I had a split second to raise my camera, aim, and shoot at this Red Fox on Wednesday before it quickly darted back into its den.

Red Fox snow den

I included the first photo of it looking at me despite the fact I unfortunately focused on the grass that covered its eye, bah! If my aim had been a fraction of an inch to the side, or that one blade was not in the way, I would have been a very happy man.

Red Fox snow den 2

That is the nature of…nature…photography when you often do not get a second chance for a great shot. Nevertheless, I loved the red and brown colors of this animal contrasting against the still shockingly snowy landscape. The third photo further shows you how they were taken in an instant, with the fox diving back under the earth after spotting me.

Red Fox snow den 3

Times are tough for mammals like this one, and they have to work hard to find their meals when they should be preparing for a family. Let the thaw commence soon, please! Perhaps next week?

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator