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Red Fox Family

Posted on Apr 9, 2015

Today I saw some of the first young of the spring season in the form of at least three Red Fox pups/cubs/kits. There are likely a few more of them that stayed in their den, but on a cold and cloudy day with quiet surroundings part of the family ventured out to get a little air. Mom stayed in the grass near them, watching and listening. She looks relaxed in these photos because I was shooting from afar through a window.

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes kit mother-0424

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes kit mother-0434

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes kit mother-0428

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes kit -0474

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes kit mother-0455-2

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes kit -0477

Red Fox Vulpes vulpes kit mother-0457

They are, in a word, adorable. They are also extremely tiny compared to her already small stature. These are very young pups! Despite the fact they are mammalian predators mom and dad mostly scavenge and take tiny prey. They have grabbed a couple small birds, hauled back a Greater Scaup duck that was almost assuredly deceased already, and brought home a certainly dead Canada Goose. More often than not the meat menu will include small rodents we may consider pests, and ones that harbor disease-carrying ticks. Thank you for that!

Here’s a short video of them including an itchy pup…be sure to click HD!

When I later cracked the door open to a covered porch open mom took off, running away from them and the den at a jog, attempting to lure me to follow her. All but one pup scampered back inside the den, and I closed the door so she could return. Bear in mind that they do not want to be seen nor have anything to do with you. There is nothing to fear, but please do your best to always remember to give them and all wild mammals space and respect and they will do the same for you. The window treatment is the best way to observe our wildlife.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator