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Red Fox Kits Growing

Posted on May 3, 2015

We are now entering May with far warmer weather and much more cooperative conditions for young mammals to grow and explore, learning about their environment and all within it. After Elyse tossed up some photos of her own Red Fox kits, I knew I had to answer back with another volley of photos from “my” family. In case you missed them previously here they are at a very young age. I also took some shots of a couple of the little pups having some play time, wrestling around and practicing their “ferocious” predator skills on one another.

This fox family, far more “red” now and growing every day, had been hiding much more as of late, avoiding cool temperatures and cloudy days. The warm spring sun brought them out to catch some rays, and I snapped off these photos on a recent late and lovely afternoon. This is at the second entrance to their den, much more hidden amongst vegetation, with branches separating us and leaving them feeling safe enough to only give the distant me an occasional glance. Some of the behaviors you can see below include apparent teething on the vegetation and even one biting another’s tail for fun!

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0107

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0112

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0115

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0117

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0121

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0125

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0127

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0128

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0141

Red Fox kits April 30 2015-0146

I did not linger for more than a few minutes, and I never attempt to actually interact with them. Even at a safe distance I do not want them getting too used to me. It is healthy to have some fear and trepidation around humans, especially at this young and influential age. With that said, their parents chose a home very close to humans and frequent traffic, and they have been at this den for several years now. Thankfully we can all coexist if we do so with a little consideration for one another.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator