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Severe hail Jamestown yard

Posted on Aug 3, 2014

Here are a few photos of Twan’s yard in the aftermath of the severe thunderstorm that hit the Jamestown area last evening. The hail was enough to leave dents in Twan’s car! It had very localized intense and dangerous conditions with some folks having this severe hail, others gaining an inch or two more of rain on top of one to two inches already had by most, some with stronger gusts of wind or more lightning than others. Later tonight I will post a video of this hail dumping down from the sky. Early August in the Northeast is a busy time for severe weather in recent years in my experience. Every bit of this weather impacts the plant and animal communities in our regional backyard – sometimes very directly.

Severe hail yard Jamestown (1)

Severe hail yard Jamestown (2)

Severe hail yard Jamestown (3)