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Snowy Owl on Lighthouse

Posted on Jan 8, 2016

There is a new lighthouse keeper at the Stratford Point light – or at least there was for a little while – as this Snowy Owl sat on duty on the platform. I will trust you to keep it between us when I tell you that, for the most part, the Snowy stayed in the shade and snoozed the day away. There was a little bit of preening and an occasional stretch, but the bird used this great out of the way location as a sleeping spot.

Snowy Owl Stratford Point Lighthouse January 2016-4612

Snowy Owl Stratford Point Lighthouse January 2016-4666

Snowy Owl Stratford Point Lighthouse January 2016-4742

It certainly looks valiant and noble perched up there, likely wondering how this wonderful perch was made in such a perfect location along the water with long sight lines away from anyone and anything. Even the birds did not detect this sentinel tucked away on the tower. We love our Snowy Owls, and I hope that you have been able to see one of the growing population heading south into the continental U.S. this winter. If not then good birding to you this weekend!

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator