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Snowy Owl Take Two

Posted on Dec 5, 2017

Snowy Owl, take two! Here are photos from today after spending some time with what seemed to be the same owl as Sunday’s bird. The irruption is building as there are now four of them in and around Stratford, Connecticut. Let us hope some decide to stick around all winter long (Snowy in snow, please). I included a wider photo taken at 500mm because I wanted to show everyone concerned about giving them space what happens with my shots.

I was at the same distance from the owl, the precise position, in all of the beach photos. I crop quite a bit to get the “close” shots. Every bird is different, and you should be aware of how they are behaving – if they appear calm or unsettled. Some perch on utility poles downtown with pedestrians, cars, and noise all around, or hunt at airports. Others sit in a field and flush if anyone comes within several hundred feet. Like with Sunday, the eyes open shots here were not in response to me. It was watching other birds, people, or moving around a bit on its own, including when it flew down to the parking lot of the beach and sat in the tree. Most of my views were of it with eyes closed and relaxed. Move slowly, quietly, then sit still from afar, and be aware of how the owl is acting. Back off if it is agitated. Combine that with some common sense and the appropriate respect, and we’ll all be fine.

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator