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Spring Blooms in Wild America

Posted on May 10, 2017

In the spring of 1953, Roger Tory Peterson and his British friend James Fisher embarked on a thrilling 100 day, trip to explore and document the Wilds of North America. Their excursion took them from Newfoundland to Florida, the heart of Mexico to the dry Southwest, the Pacific Northwest to the Pribilof Islands of Alaska, and the numerous memories of the splendors they encountered were later documented in a book titled Wild America, first published in 1955. Among the many things that Peterson and Fisher recorded along their journey were blossoming spring flowers, and this pen and ink drawing of a trillium bloom by Roger was one of the images that was published in their book.

Trillium flower – Drawing by Roger Tory Peterson

Roger Tory Peterson had a gift for nurturing an innate curiosity about the living world that we all share. His child-like passion still inspires people – myself included – to take the time to connect with the nature in their own backyards. And on a recent hike into a local woodland, I had the opportunity to encounter a delicate Trillium flower much like the one that Roger captured over a half a century ago.

Trillium flower photographed at Long Point State Park in Bemus Point, NY