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The Historic Sporting Art of M.C. Weiler

Posted on May 4, 2017

Artist Dale Weiler wrote in a recent article about his father’s art: “Do you remember way back when the sporting magazines had bright, flashy paintings for their covers and illustrations? I always looked forward to seeing the newest edition of “Sports Afield”, “Field & Stream” and “Outdoor Life”. To stare in awe at the bigger-than-life rendering splashed across the cover was always exhilarating to me, especially when I knew my father’s painting was the monthly feature.”

Our current exhibition, “The Weiler’s Evolution; A Father and Son’s Artistic Journey” features the artwork of Dale and his father Milton C. Weiler (1910-1974) including the “Leaping Trout” painting shown here.  This piece is also part of an outstanding book entitled “The Art of Milton C. Weiler; A Sportsman’s World” by John T. Orderman and M.C. ‘Bud’ Weiler, Jr. This publication celebrating the historic sporting art of M.C. Weiler is available for purchase at RTPI for $40, and %100 the proceeds from these sales will be donated in support of our programs. What’s more, many of the illustrations in the book are currently on display at RTPI as part of the Weiler exhibition, and prints of several of these pieces are also for sale. For more information please contact Jane Johnson at 716.665.2473×228 or jjohnsonATrtpi.org.