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Tina’s Last Day – Carry on Roger Tory Peterson Institute!

Posted on Oct 15, 2015

I’m retiring. October 17th is my last day of employment with Roger Tory Peterson Institute. It’s been a great run –  from interactions with visitors, (Remember the Birds of Prey exhibit when I greeted visitors with the “Raptor Rap”) to creating exhibit interpretation for student groups including “Why Wolves Do Not Make Good Pets” for the Wolf exhibit  and finally getting the word out about Roger Tory Peterson and his revolutionary identification system through the For the Birds program presented in libraries and schools.

DSCN4629 copy

For the Birds

I’ll keep an eye on the future of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute. I see it heading off into an exciting new direction with Twan Leenders at the helm assisted by a most talented crew. Look for the Institute to launch local and international conservation projects that you can become involved in. And its educational outreach promises to be at a most impressive academic level.

Tina Scherman