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Towering Osprey

Posted on Jun 24, 2015

Can you identify this photo’s distant subject? That Osprey and its mate have built a nest in what looks like an optical illusion or mind maze, but in reality is a massive radio tower. It is a wonderful thing that the species’ comeback has been so successful in the last several decades that they are now relegated to using any bare structure they can find. I certainly would worry about it up there during a thunderstorm, for a few reasons, but having an abundant breeding population is one of those good problems. Even if these individual birds are not successful this season you can be assured they will learn from their failure and try again, and that Ospreys will continue to fill our skies and seas.

Pleasure Beach Bridgeport June 22 2015 Osprey nest-0707

Scott Kruitbosch
Conservation & Outreach Coordinator