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Under This Rock

Under This Rock
Photographs by Dave Huth

Dave Huth at Maple Flat ponds
My professional philosophy requires me, a person who studies communication, to communicate about something. My passion and chosen practice is science communication, specializing in amphibian natural history and conservation. I use video, photography, digital imaging, and design to create visual experiences of engagement. My goal is to persuade people of the wonder and value of the natural world. I communicate through gallery exhibition and lecture presentation, as well as online through social media and Web publishing. My work is used by non-profit and educational organizations to promote work in public education and conservation. Most of my speaking engagements are in academic settings (conferences and symposia) but I also accept invitations from arts organizations, religious communities, and anywhere else that pictures of the natural world might inspire or teach.

Dave Huth is an Associate Professor of Visual Communication and Media Arts at Houghton College. Find out more about Dave by visiting www.davehuth.com.