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Unique Fly Fishing Conference for Educators to be Held at RTPI – June 9 registration deadline

Posted on May 12, 2017

In the summer of 2012, we held the first and what remains as the only national interdisciplinary fly fishing conference. The Children in the Stream’s intensive three-day conference continues to be a huge success as it trains adults who are interested in integrating fly fishing into the curriculum in their community, school, organization or company. These comprehensive workshops use fly fishing as the foundation for investigating science, math, English language arts, visual arts and community outreach. This truly unique interdisciplinary approach is possible because of eclectic expertise of participants and the committed instructors. The conference is presented by Dr. Mike Jabot and Alberto Rey. Dr. Jabot is a renowned professor in science education who is a member of NASA’s international educators team and who has received many teaching awards. Alberto provides his experience as an Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide, as the founder and director of an 18 year old youth fly fishing program and as a distinguished professor in visual arts.

Children in the Stream provides the instruction, materials and means of acquiring discounted equipment needed to implement the participant’s own customized interdisciplinary fly fishing curriculum or to start a youth fly fishing program in a community. The truly unique programming also meets the needs of each school through the integration of the common core learning standards. The instructors also address how to realize the participant’s goals while working within limited budgets . The conference’s interdisciplinary workshops promotes a holistic integration of conservation and community involvement that nurtures future stewards of our natural resources. The ultimate goal is to get youth outdoors and provides them with a fuller understanding and appreciation of their environment.

This years conference will take place at RTPI on June 27, 28 and 29 from 7:30 am to 5pm. The cost for the three- day conference is $350 which includes instruction in the classroom and in the field, fly rod outfits, fly tying kits and publications. The low conference fee is available because of private grants and donors. The deadline for registration is June 9th. Contact alberto@albertorey.com if an extension is needed or if you have any questions.

For information about the schedule and comments by the participants please go to: