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USCGC Juniper (WLB 201)

Posted on Sep 2, 2015

This is the United States Coast Guard Cutter Juniper off Stratford Point in Stratford, Connecticut on Thursday, August 20 near 14:30. There are often many great sightings from this point sticking out into Long Island Sound, birds to boats, but this 225-foot vessel was a terrific find and good example of the unappreciated work that helps preserve and protect our waters in a multitude of ways. The U.S. Coast Guard says, “USCGC JUNIPER (WLB 201) is the lead ship of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Seagoing Buoy Tenders. She is outfitted with some of the most advanced technological and navigational capabilities currently available. The Integrated Ship Control System has an Electronic Charting Display and Information System (ECDIS) which allows JUNIPER to fix her position within five meters every second. Her Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) uses this positioning information, the ships controllable pitch propeller, and the stern and bow thrusters to keep the ship on station without any human input. These systems allow the JUNIPER and her crew to work more buoys in less time, more efficiently and safely, and in tougher environmental conditions than her predecessors. JUNIPER’s Machinery Plant Control and Monitoring System (MPCMS) has over 1000 sensors throughout the ship. This system makes it possible for one person in the engine room control center to monitor the ship’s plant while underway. JUNIPER and her crew are adept at handling various missions such as aids to navigation, law enforcement, homeland security, ice breaking, environmental pollution response, and search and rescue.” Thanks for helping our environment in every regard!

USCGC Juniper Coast Guard Cutter Stratford Point-0033