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Wehrle’s Salamander (Plethodon wehrlei)

Posted on Oct 8, 2015

Have you ever seen such a cool looking salamander? The Wehrle’s Salamander (Plethodon wehrlei) is a rather secretive salamander that inhabits rocks, logs and the currently colorful leaf litter that lines steep hillsides within the southwestern portion of New York State. Characteristically a dark slatey-gray with some white flecking on the sides, Wehrle’s salamanders are slender with robust legs and slightly webbed back feet. They are often confused with Slimy Salamanders (Plethodon glutinosus), a common salamander that often utilizes similar habitats and is black in color with white or gold flecking on the body. If you are out exploring during these beautiful fall days, take a moment to flip a rock or log (carefully!), you might just find one of these cool salamanders underneath it!

Wehrle Salamander (3)

Elyse Henshaw
Conservation Technician