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Welcome PWA Crew Leaders!

Posted on Jun 13, 2016

Please join us in welcoming Heather Zimba and Adolf Zollinger as this year’s Project Wild America Youth Ambassador crew leaders! Heather and Adolf will be leading our high school ambassadors throughout the summer as our natural history studies and educational outreach continues within the city of Jamestown. They are both excellent students involved in Jamestown Community College’s environmental science program and each have worked with the Roger Tory Peterson Institute in the past. Adolf worked as a crew member during last year’s iteration of Project Wild America and Heather volunteered with us this past winter assisting in hemlock woolly adelgid surveys. Heather and Adolf are in training for the next two weeks and will be preparing for the busy field season. Stay tuned as we will provide many updates throughout the summer regarding our findings and how you can get involved!


Elyse Henshaw
Conservation Technician