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What’s In Our Water?

Posted on Jun 8, 2017

Have you seen this woman in the news lately? This is Dr. Sherri (Sam) Mason, the SUNY Fredonia Professor whose groundbreaking research on plastic pollution in the Great Lakes has earned her much recognition and press. RTPI staff have teamed up with Dr. Mason for guidance on evaluating the levels of plastic pollution in another freshwater system – the Chadakoin River in Jamestown.

Dr. Sherri Mason prepares to deploy a net to sample for plastic pollution in the Chadakoin River, Jamestown, NY.

During our summer 2017 “education through conservation” initiative, the Project Wild America Youth Ambassadors Program (PWA), local students will work with RTPI staff to sample and assess the levels of plastic pollution that are coursing through the river. In addition to educating participants about our shared natural resources, the PWA program nurtures informed stewards to raise awareness of current environmental issues. Sam Mason is an exemplary role model for all of us in this regard; she will be swimming across Chautauqua Lake in June and Lake Erie in August to increase people’s mindfulness of freshwater systems and to encourage support for programs that safeguard these vital resources. Learn more about Sam’s swims here, and more about RTPI’s Project Wild America Youth Ambassadors here!