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White-tipped Sicklebill (Eutoxeres aquila) by Twan Leenders

Posted on Apr 5, 2014

Here’s that White-tipped Sicklebill (Eutoxeres aquila) showing off why, as a hummingbird, it evolved in that way as it feeds on the nectar of Centropogon granulosa. There is no real common name to the plant but it is sometimes referred to as ‘parrot beak flower’. We often see White-tipped Sicklebills with a yellow patch on the top of their head. You can see how they would get that – every time they visit one of these Centropogon flowers they get “stamped” on the head with pollen. White-tipped Sicklebills must be important pollinators for these plants!

White-tipped Sicklebill (Eutoxeres aquila)